The First Age

I awoke in a place far far from home
It was a new time on a new world
It matters not, I was immortal
The flat plain before me was alive
Birds stirred the air
For it was a gathering of tribes
And a profound bewilderment lay upon the land
My hands were their hands but different
These hands could build a city
These hands could till the soil
These hands could laugh and go on forever

Now the great work was upon us
A yoke we willing accepted
Our numbers were strong, our aim sure, our resolve clear
We went forth without want in our task
The first city was built
The councils of ten assembled
The divine plan was in angelic motion
I could see the bending grasses I could smell the sea and feel the sun

A great tree grew in the heart of the city
Laden with fruit never tiring in its immortal sweetness
Under the green umbrella cool shade
Its power reached into the heavens
As if a beacon it guided down the radiant transporters
Like streaking rocks of fire

We did not mark the days years or centuries
We were timeless in this dawn of our mission
The days of yore were countless
The tribes came and went and yet
We remained at our task

And thus it was for
Generation onto generation of man

The Second Age

I awoke in a place far far from home
I stood at the gate and I saw a vision
The plain before me was getting dark
There was a deep rumble from the sky a flash in the clouds
A line of hot white slivers of light touched the far distant ground
A horizon to horizon spectacle of raw power
Imperceptible a hoard of wild bulls on silent hooves raged towards me
It was a coming storm I did not understand
A message that could not be comprehended
I could feel the wind I could smell the rain

Like a sharp crack of bone shaking thunder
The great dragons had landed
Black and red were emblazoned upon their standard
Standing magnificent before us shining like the sun
Heatless waves of light wafted silently from them
Their message from on high was wrought unto to us all
The choice of what ground each was to defend
It was a time of reckoning

I remember those seven long years
The oratories long the arguments wide
Who would  be bound to this oath?
When the final decision was made
Then the seraphim came lighting up the sky
Like Hell's own rain

Now the masters of our own destiny we wielded supernatural power
No constellation fathers, no Ancient of Days no far distant authority
We claimed that scepter of kingship and thrust it to the sky
There was no going back
I claimed the sovereignty of life itself
I could not die in the eternal resurrection
Freedom was fresh in the air
Let the others go chained to the old defending the irrelevant
I was fearless and defiant

We were the gods we owned this place

Then came the darkness that would turn bitter and cold
We knew not the depth of our hard choice

We lived in cosmic isolation at the end of the universe
A long ranging silence settled on the land like an icy fog
A spectral ghost of the past standing unseen among us
Something was not right

I stood at the gate and before me were the raging bulls of my vision
And they were like us
They came club and ax in hand to claim their authority
They came to claim their ancestral land driving the gods from the city
We fled at the blackest of nights watched only by animal eyes
The rule of law was now pagan

We became them
We were the tribes on the plain

The Last Age

I awoke in a place far far from home
My hands were different
They were old
Immortality had left me without a word
I was alone the last of the gods the last of my kind

The olden stories were recited by campfire
History scratched in the sand
A past glory kept alive
Through breast beating and ritual
We danced and sung in honor of the old days
It was all we could do

There arose wars among the tribes
The old alliances were breaking into wrecks of oblivion
New blood born of this soil lived not heaven and earth
It was they who were born from pride and recklessness
The scepter was now the spear
Sweet fruit was now fresh kill
Purpose was now division
The time of reckoning left its void of darkness upon our souls

In my memory I knew of paradise
I had escaped my first death
Into a world beyond imagination
My second death sailed on the wings of vultures
My grave would be cold and still
The dead are not resurrected

With family gathered before me I told them these words:

I am the last Watcher
I have witnessed the glory from beyond the stars
The land from beyond time
I have felt the embrace of the winged serpent
And the taste of immortality of the gods
The first seeds were planted
The first song was sung
A great praise went forth to the top of the heavens
Paradise was ours

I was there for the Great War of the Principalities
Anu and his legions led us forth invincible and righteous
We were greater than the Most Highs
Our brilliance was unbounded like Utu like Ra
I walked the earth with no fear
We were forever the immortals

I am the last Watcher
In the first days of freedom I rejoiced
In the second days of freedom a great stone lintel fell upon my shoulders
In the last days of freedom I was laid low
The seraphim were gone
The city abandoned
The river was worked
The grave was beckoning

I am the last Watcher
I sired the Igigi
I recited the tales of our greatness
I remembered the past

A great debate divided us into three
A river took one
A far off land took another
Death took us all
For I am the last Watcher

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