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The images on this page are divided into two categories: BC and AD but the BC images are the most relevant to the First Legend. The AD images are interesting as they are our accessible history particularly to what the Romans had built, which was a lot. 

The images from the BC era, mainly Neolithic, show just how extensive Mesopotamian/Andite culture had become. Stone circles, ceremonial rings, pyramids, earliest cities and megalithic structures are all evidence of the far reaching Andites. The Andite god/man culture, the hidden high culture of the prehistoric, traveled world wide and thus in part influenced many early cultures. This explains how legends of very ancient events from Mesopotamia, including the flood, became embedded in the different cultures around the world. Part of this fascinating story is on The Tree of Life page. And that story is the reason for these satellite images - tangible structures that came into existence because of events millenniums ago.

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We can all thank Google Maps for making them available.

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Avebury Stone Circle
Castlerigg Stone Circle
Long Meg and Daughters Stone Circle
Great Rollright Stone Circle
Merry Maidens Stone Circle
Stanton Drew Stone Circles
The Sanctuary Stone Circle
Yellowmead Stone Circle
Fernworthy Stone Circle
Drizzlecombe Cairn with Row of Standing Stones
Long Stones, Menhirs
Trethevy Quoit, Dolmen
Little Kits Cody, Dolmen
Wayland's Smithy, Barrow
Old Oswestry Hillfort
Maiden Castle Hillfort
Yarnbury Castle Hillfort
Chun Quoit, Dolmen and Chun Castle, Iron Age Hillfort updated
Arbor Low Henge Monument
Uffington White Horse

Calanais Stone Circle - Scotland
White & Brown Caterthun Hillforts - Scotland
White Caterthun
Three Sites - Ireland
The Giants Ring
Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery tombs19, 26 & 27
Eric the Viking [Ship] Stone Circle - Norway
Stenhed Viking Ship Stone Circle - Sweden
Viking Cemetery with Ship Stone Circles - Denmark
Poskær Stenhus
Stone Circle with Dolmen - Denmark
D26 Drouwen 
Passage Grave - Netherlands
D27 Boger 
Passage Grave - Netherland
D35 Valthe Passage Grave - Netherlands

Glauberg Tumulus - Germany
Barnenez Cairn - France
Lagatjar Megaliths (
Menhirs) - France
Faldouet Dolmen - Jersey Island Coast of France

Anta da Cunha Baixa, Dolmen - Portugal
Three Dolmens - Spain
El Romeral
Menga and Viera
Su Nuraxi di Barumini - Island of Sardinia
Nuraghe Santu Anyine
Nuraghe Losa

Campeggio Villaggio Torre del Porticciolo
Son Fornes - Island of Malorca
Stone Circles Underwater - Isle of Elba
Ggantija, Neolithic Temple - Malta Island of Gozo
Tarxien Temple Complex - Malta
Hagar Qim, Neolithic Temple - Malta
Choirokoitia - Cyprus
Guimar Pyramids - Canary Islands
Trypillia - Ukraine
Cucuteni - Romania
Dimini - Greece
Troy - Turkey
Van - Armenia
Van Citadel

Tell Brak - Syria
Ugarit - Syria
Elba - Syria
Tyre - Lebanon
Byblos - Lebanon
Baalbek - Lebanon
Gilgal Rephiam - Golan Heights
Megiddo - Israel
Three Stone Circles - Tajikistan

The Giza Pyramids

Akhenaten at Amarna
Dendra Temple Complex
West Thebes Temples
Ramses III Memorial Temple
Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut
Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut
East Thebes Karnak Temple Complex
Great Temple of Amen-Re
East Thebes Luxor Temple
Island of Philae Temples
Umm Hairan Neolithic Site with Stone Circles
Temples at Abu Simbel, Aswan

Five Mesopotamian Cities
Arrapha-Kirkuk Citadel

Susa - Iran

Chogha Zanbil - Iran
Jiroft - Iran
Group of Three Stone Circles - Saudia Arabia
Single Stone Circle - Saudia Arabia

Marib Dam, Temple & City - Yemen
Queen of Sheba's Bar'an Temple
Mohenjo-daro - Pakistan
Xian - China
Pyramids - South Korea
Neolithic Tomb - North Korea
Oshoro Stone Circle - Japan
Row of Moai Statues - Easter Island
Nazca Spiral - Peru
Caral - Peru
Chankillo - Peru

The following tells are from the page The Old Ones
and are some of the oldest places (Andite) for the beginning of civilization.
Gobekli Tepe
Catal Huyuk

These following tells are from the page The Anunnaki
and are the Sumerian cities that are before the flood per the kings list.
Larak (Larsa)


Machu Picchu, Inca - Peru
Sacsayhuaman - Peru
Tiwanaku Complex, Pre-Inca/Inca - Bolivia
Chichen Itza, Mayan - Mexico
Calixtlahuaca, Aztec - Mexico
Teotihuacan, Aztec - Mexico
Temple of Quetzalcoatl

Pompeii - Italy
Coliseum - Italy
Forum Romanum - Italy
Amphitheatre Neroniano - Italy
Roman Coliseum - France
Roman Theatre and Odeon - France

Parthenon - Greece
Argos - Greece
Corinth Agora - Greece
Olympia - Greece
Pella - Greece
Sparta - Greece
 Eleusis Temple of the Mysteries - Greece
Palace of Knossos - Crete
Salamis and Salamis Haberieri - Cyprus
Hagia Sophia - Turkey
Location of Lighthouse of Alexandria - Egypt

Palmyra - Syria
Temple of Bel

Jerash - Jordan
Citadel of Amman - Jordan
Palace Complex of Xerxes and Darius - Iran
Pasargadae - Iran

Nisa - Turkmenistan
Qal'at al - Bahrain
Carthage - Tunisia
Sabratah Roman Theatre - Lybia
Volubilis, Roman Town - Morocco

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